OWF Group Fitness Instructors

Vicki Wilson

Group Fitness & Program Manager, Certified Instructor & Trainer
AFLCA, TRX, Agatsu Kettlebell, Keiser M3, Ever Active Kids, Physical Yoga 1

Joined OWF Team: July 2008

When teaching, my goal is to give members a great workout that challenges you and leaves you feeling successful. Anyone who has attended my classes or trained with me knows that my goal is to always inspire you to push a little further. The reward of teaching a fitness class, of getting people moving, is more than I could have ever hoped for.

Ashley Baillie

Certified Instructor
AFLCA, Agatsu Kettlebell, Keiser M3, Ever Active Kids

Joined OWF Team: January 2007

I moved here from BC with my fiancé and daughter. I have struggled with weight issues and have been so blessed to have found OWF, they have helped me to become a healthier, happier person. I love fitness and truly believe that it is a journey and not a destination. "Focus on how far you've come not how far you have to go".

Nicola Boist

Certified Yoga & Group Fitness Instructor
200-RYT, 35HR Yin TT, AFLCA, TRX, Keiser M3, Ever Active Kids, Rainbow Kids Yoga

Joined OWF Team: July 2012

I started yoga when my daughter Emersen was a baby.  In February 2012 I got my Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certificate and in May I attended SOYA (South Okanagan Yoga Academy) in Penticton B.C. for my 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training. Yoga teaches us so much on the mat and just as much off the mat and there is always so much more to learn. I love teaching. Plain and simple. After joining the club I fell in love with Spin and TRX, so I got certified to teach those as well. Yoga gives us the balance we need in our lives both on and off the mat so I think it plays in nicely with the other classes that the club has to offer.

Janet Gangl

Certified Group Fitness Instructor
AFLCA, Keiser M3, Bender Ball

Joined OWF Team: June 2008

Fitness boosts my health naturally and elevates my self-wellness.  I believe we all need to be strong in body and mind. I always teach each class with a prepared lesson plan no matter what the level or type of class - I am a creature of habit.

Char Gilbert

Certified Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor
Canfitpro, AFLCA, TRX, Agatsu Kettlebell, Keiser M3, Physical Yoga 1, National Figure Competitor

Joined OWF Team: April 2010

I love fitness because the rewards are limitless! There is always a challenge out there, always something new to conquer!  I believe in working hard and getting it done. No excuses.just hard work. Come join me!

Kristy Prescesky

Certified Group Fitness Instructor
AFLCA, Fitness Kickboxing Canada

Joined OWF Team: February 2013

I've been a Health Care Professional for 11 years & have always had a Passion for Health & Fitness. I really got serious about it after I had my first child & needed to get my pre-body back! To me Fitness is a way of life, you need to be constantly Challenging yourself, because your mind will give up 100 times before your body ever does! You will either find a way or make one. Two quotes I live by:
1. "Willpower is muscle. The more you use it the stronger it gets."
2. "NEVER GIVE UP on something you can't go a day without thinking about."

Maria Lemaire

Zumba Instructor
Zumba Basic 1&2, Pro Skills, Sentao, Zumba Core/Glutes, ZIN Member

Joined OWF Team in January 2015

Not only am I a Zumba Instructor but I love teaching Zumba! It makes me feel energetic and happy which I want to bring to all my participants while they get lost in the motivating music. Zumba is the most fun you can have with your pants on! Come try my class and you won't remember where the time went!

Sharon Richter

Certified Zumba Instructor
Zumba Basic 1 & 2, ZIN Member

Joined OWF Team: May 2012

For me there is no better fitness activity than the union of two things that I love, music and dance. Latin music and dance are part of my background, my passions, and my sparks that bring joy to my life. The diversity of international rhythms has added new dimension to my classes as well. I'm so thankful to be able to share that in a fun fitness experience.

Sammie Pupetz

Certified Group Fitness & Zumba Instructor
AFLCA, Zumba Basic 1 & Core

Joined OWF Team: November 2012

I get to remind myself every day how lucky I am, as not only do I get to explore my own PASSION, but I get to SHARE it with others and hopefully I can help them DISCOVER their own!!! It's so INSPIRING now to meet other women who talk about their fitness journeys with the same spark in their eyes that I recognized in myself. Open your eyes to the world of fitness and let it lead positive changes in your life as a whole...stay motivated by letting the results speak for themselves!